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In addition, I needed to think about how the formation-digital may change if the prices reversed after a correction.Statistics showed that most of my trades were unsuccessful, while only a few were profitable.After second guessing myself and reviewing my approach, I realized that the formation-digital traders who made the most money were the ones who used fundamental and technical analysis to invest in Small Caps.Consequently, I developed two market-specific screeners: one for identifying figures in compressions in order to engage in speculative trades, and another for identifying long foundations on which to engage in medium- to long-term trades.The rest, fundamental analysis, is hunting for a hidden gem whose profits have the potential to skyrocket or, if the company is undervalued, to rise in price.Screeners locate the tiny caps with great potential that adhere to the principles taught, saving you many hours of searching for chances.The more time you save, the simpler it is to focus on the prospects that have been uncovered.Once you’ve logged into the members-only area, your first order of business will be to install the screeners and begin scanning the market in search of trading possibilities.After that, establishing trading methods and growing your initial investment by a factor of formation-digital or more than ten will be child’s play.A screener is a useful tool, but keep in mind that despite its simplicity, it is not a magic wand. After that, a visual decision will need to be made.

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